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Beyond The Court  
(ongoing, 29 episodes)

Sudsy Monchik and John Ellis sit down with other legends of the sport!

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Outside The Rally, by the IRT
(ongoing, 20 episodes)

Interviews, upcoming events and news by the best players and event coordinators in the professional world of racquetball.

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Racquetball Junkie (ongoing, 3 episodes)

Racquetball Junkie is a virtual racquetball court where we discuss everything about the sport of racquetball. News, information and special guests on every episode. This podcast is for all recreational, amateur and professional racquetball players and fans.

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The Racquetball Show (2020, 24 episodes)

The Racquetball Show Podcast is a resource for racquetball fans to: Hear from some of the biggest names and most interesting people in racquetball. Discover the habits, routines, workout regimens, diets, mindsets, and more from top athletes in the sport. Learn top-notch instructional advice. Find out our answers to your mailbag questions. Hear hilarious and exciting stories from the world of racquetball. Listen to discussions on recent events and hot topics. We hope you enjoy! 

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Racquetball Restrung (2017, 3 episodes)

Freddy Ramirez is the editor of Restrungmag.com. Racquetball Restrung is an opportunity to initiate conversations with players, leaders and influencers in the sport of racquetball, to hear their perspectives on the state of the sport today. As well as to get insight on their careers and the influences that keep them passionate about our sport. 

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The Athletes Podcast (2023, 1 episode about racquetball)

What does it take to become a 15-time US National champion and 6-time Pan American gold medalist in racquetball? The incredible Rhonda Rajsich, one of the most decorated racquetball players in US history, joins us to share her inspiring journey to the top. Discover how Rhonda's clarity, purpose, and focus propelled her to greatness, and how she managed to overcome a life-altering incident in 2008 that almost ended her career.

In this episode, we delve into Rhonda's harrowing experience of surviving a violent altercation that left her with multiple facial fractures. You'll be amazed at how she managed to return to the court stronger than ever, even qualifying for the World Championships just under two months after the incident. We also discuss the importance of mindset, staying motivated, and enjoying the journey of athletic development, as well as the issue of pay disparities between men and women in professional sports.

Lastly, Rhonda emphasizes the importance of achieving wellness in athletics through a balanced training regimen, nutrition, and rest and recovery. Don't miss this incredible conversation with Rhonda Rajsich, as she shares her passion for sports, her insights on the challenges faced by female athletes, and her thoughts on the growing popularity of activities like pickleball.

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Racquetball: The King of Games! (2006, 2 episodes)

Playing the game of racquetball is both an art and science. The science is found in the rules of the game, the art is found in your mind as you strategize the game.
CV strength and building is a necessary component for playing spectacular racquetball.

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